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The Art Ministry is a revolutionary art publishing and distribution company which houses it’s own exclusive collections and provides galleries, interior designers and retailers a dedicated service to source and commission artwork and products of high artistic merit from some of the finest artists and designers in the UK and internationally. Having been part of the creative industries for 25 years, we are well placed to reach established artists and to source new and exciting pieces. To read more about our Sourcing & Commissioning Services click here.

In our “ready to order” trade catalogues we carry original paintings, sculpture and textiles, limited edition prints and ceramics, covering a broad range of contemporary artistic styles.  Current collections are from an outstanding group of British Artists whose credits include the British Museum, the V&A, Tate Britain, the Serpentine, the Hayward Gallery and Herman Miller.   As our exclusive collections are continually evolving, we also send you pictures when new pieces arrive. 

Marketing Support for Stockist

We believe in capacity building and strength in numbers, so our approach to marketing is focused on our stockists and providing them with the marketing support, tools and products they need to increase sales and reduce costs whilst gaining greater exposure and credibility.  We don’t dictate or obligate you to us to receive these services. To find out more on the Marketing Support we offer our stockists click here.

Our committment to excellent customer service includes:

  • Our full support to ensure your deadlines are met and your customer is satisfied; our lines are open 24/7.

  • We only distribute the finest quality pieces, however should you be dissatisfied with your purchase, return it for a full and immediate refund.

  • We offer to exchange your purchase any time up to 6 weeks after delivery.

  • Should we fail to deliver on time, we will pay your carriage.

To achieve a comprehensive understanding of your business or project objectives, in order to develop or assist you with effective solutions, we recommend you call for a chat.  Open 24/7, 6 days a week, your business has access to the skills of our highly skilled professionals anytime.

Call: +(0044) 208 581 2328

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