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Oshilaja Hemsley captures an ancient craft

Oshilaja Hemsley captures an ancient craft to create brilliant and original ‘channelled’ paintings in soft pastels

Many artists and scientists over the centuries have extolled the virtues of the craft of channelling; from painters to individuals such Ramanujan, the Indian Mathematicians, who claimed to be visited by a goddess that gave him the formula to calculate infinity, have left the world a legacy both magical and astounding. Such creative expressions were considered to be a visitation by a divine force. In contemporary terms we recognise this form of expression as “channelling”.

It is through this long tradition of drawing on spiritualism that British painter Oshilaja Hemsley’s (Oh) work has captured imagery and emotions evolved from the sub-conscious mind.  The work of Oh is original and fearless, mesmerising and evocative.

Her paintings in pastel capture the essence of the inner being. Encapsulating emotions such as torment, eroticism, sensuality, anger; the positive and negative aspects of the human psyche; Oh has succeeded in creating a visual language unique and specific to her expression.  Oh’s collection of “Transitions“, a series of 12 “channelled” paintings are testimony to her talent. As a collection, Transitions truly represents Oh as an artist of our time. Redolent and deeply spiritual, Oh surpasses her contemporaries and connects with her audience.

The Art Ministry which is publishing limited editions of Oh’s work, recognises the appeal that her work has upon the wide and diverse group of people. Described by many as “sensual, spiritual, timeless, evocative, ethereal, emotional” Oh’s audiences generally find solace and healing when viewing her work. “I describe the paintings as “Emotional Landscapes”… they are a reflection of the soul as they come from the deepest Truth of my being, and viewers make the connection with the paintings because their own inner essence is reflected back to them.”

Creative director of The Art Ministry Shakila Maan says “In her first collection to be released through The Art Ministry, all 12 paintings embody the deepest Truths of our soul as it travels timelessly through the gamut of the human emotion. The organic, biomorphic signature-traits of Oh’s work come from her deep spiritual connection, resulting in works of a pure ethereal nature”.

To see Oh’s entire collection on line click here, or if you would like a catalogue call 020 8581 2328.

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