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Artists Press Kits

You can access artist’s information for press articles by clicking on their name below.  This will bring you to the artist’s personal web pages which include the Artist’s Profile, Exhibition History, Gallery and up-coming Events. 

For product shots in downloadable format please contact The Art Ministry.

Pip Culbert [Press Shot]
Sunil Gupta [Press Shot]
Oh [Press Shot]
Yousif Naser [Press Shot]
Houria Niati [Press Shot]
Judi Barrowman [Press Shot]
Karl Locher [Press Shot]
Mark Scott [Press Shot]
Amarjeet Kaur Nandhra [Press Shot]
Mick May [Press Shot]
Marcia Kay Ellis [Press Shot]
Shakila Taranum Maan [Press Shot]
Tony Ogogo [Press Shot]
Odion Ogogo [Press Shot]
Marita Banfield [Press Shot]

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