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Upcoming Textile Art Exhibition

Posted by The Art Ministry Team on May 30, 2007

The talented Textile Artist Amarjeet Kaur Nandhra has gone from strength to strength. She is currently working on a project that promises to be both exciting, highly original and deeply affecting.

Amarjeet’s work is a delicate balance; a relationship between the powerful message that is always present and the desire to create work that is aesthetically appealing. With this in her minds eye, her project focuses on social aspects of humanity: codes of behaviour; rules set out to govern aspects of our lives; and its penetrating effects on individuals and the society as whole.

However, the truly original aspect of this project is Amarjeet’s strength of placing herself in her work – she brings her own experiences into being. She has explored the complex rules of Sikhism, parenting and relationships. The techniques she currently uses range from screen-printing, discharge, machine and hand embroidery. Each process is skilfully layered to produce a visually stunning and moving piece of work. All this within the creative aspects of Textile Art – who said that meaningful art was dead?

This body of work has been created as part of Amarjeet’s final year of the H.E Diploma in Stitched Textiles at East Berkshire College. We wait with abated breath to see the final exhibition. The exhibition runs from Wednesday 20th June to Saturday 23rd June from 10am to 6pm. Private View is on Tuesday 19th at 6.30pm at East Berkshire College, Windsor Campus, St. Leonard’s Rd, Windsor, Berkshire.

The annual Windsor exhibition has achieved a high profile and has attracted many visitors over the years. It is a showcase for students studying on the H.E. Diploma in Stitched Textiles, City and Guilds Embroidery and the Advanced Embroidery workshop. It is an amazing opportunity for like-minded people to indulge in a feast of exciting, original and beautiful textiles.

Amarjeet also teaches the Advanced Embroidery workshop at East Berkshire College, an exhibition of her student’s work will be on display. This would be an excellent opportunity for visitors to see the work created during the course, to talk to the students and Amarjeet. Not only will visitors be able enjoy the wonderful exhibits but it also provides a chance for some retail therapy. As tradition has it, the exhibition also attracts a number of textile and art traders selling a range of supplies.

Finally, Amarjeet is involved in an exciting venture with the London Transport Museum Textiles Project. It will be four textile-based workshops with South Acton Skills and Arts Collaborative (SASAC), who are based in Bollo Lane. The group consists of mostly women, from a diverse range of ethnicities drawn from the Acton estate. They meet up to take part in activities, mostly sewing and improve their English. The women have worked on similar projects before. The dates are not yet finalised, but intend to be in the last two weeks of July or the first two weeks of August.

We will of course keep you informed on any developments of Amarjeet’s extraordinary creative life!



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Creative Studies Exhibition

Posted by The Art Ministry Team on March 6, 2007

Creative Studies Exhibition

For further info

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Women Without Bounds

Posted by The Art Ministry Team on March 2, 2007

Ark Exhibition

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NEC 2007 Success

Posted by The Art Ministry Team on February 15, 2007

Phew!  What a week we had at the Spring Fair.  Although it was a quiet trade show compared to previous events, it produced incredible results for us.  At the end of the 5 days we walked away with several pending orders and 53 new contacts who love our products; including 11 galleries, several charitable foundations, numerous furniture and home accessory stores, several interior designers and an art agent in Japan.  The true results generated from the show will become evident to you over the next 8 weeks as relationships are built and orders come in. 

It was hard to predict how your work would be received by trade buyers as their buying decisions are often governed by what they are sure will sell in large numbers.  This usually means neutral, earth tones of popular subject matter which are massed produced and therefore relatively cheap.  Approximately 80% of the work on sale at the show was repeated throughout (same print different frame).  The prints are supplied from 4 -5 art publishers (who were also present).  Amazingly only 20% of the stands were carrying exclusive artwork.   Not only were we one of the few stands with exclusive work, we were the only stand in our Hall which carried complete collections of ceramics and fabrics.  To boot we were the only stand in the entire show that was carrying wallpaper. 

However, the fantastic response to these products as well as the art prints proved we were in the right market with the right products at the right price, and it finally confirmed the validity of The Art Ministry’s concept and direction.  We can therefore proudly announce the show and our trade launch was an outstanding success.  

We will be in touch soon to give you more detail on the response to your work and where it came from.  In the meantime we are focusing on some changes which we believe will boost trade sales further, of which we will keep you informed.  Now the trade launch has happened all you need to do is relax and perhaps start thinking about your next collection. 

Anita & Shakila

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No Firm Guarantee of Permanent Home for the Ark

Posted by The Art Ministry Team on January 24, 2007

Update: Save The Ark Campaign

We have received a temporary reprieve until summer 2008 from Ealing Council by which time it is hoped that the Ark will find permanent premises. Read more

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Vanishing Points

Posted by The Art Ministry Team on January 16, 2007

This week in the Art & Design Zone we focus on Pip Culbert acclaimed Linear Artist  in our article ‘Vanishing Points’ 

Pip stands at the forefront of deconstructive art with work spanning many decades. Her work in linear art explores all aspects of fundamental constructions, deconstructions and perspectives of objects.

Over the years, Pip’s work has gained international attention, and her unique pieces have featured in many significant exhibitions and their catalogues, including ‘Software’ in France, Linen Line, at the Sofa Gallery Christchurch in New Zealand, ‘The Secret Life of Clothes, Artium Fukuoka in Japan and a commission for Allianz, in Berlin, a permanent installation of Seams, which runs the length 750 meters of a corridor.

“If we consider that inversion is the art of playing with paradoxes, the work of Pip Culbert is a perfect example of this.” Patricia Brignone (Art critic)

In the article Vanishing Points read how mass industrialisation, two world wars and the 60’s influenced the work of this profound artist.

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Return to Minya

Posted by The Art Ministry Team on December 17, 2006

This week in the Art & Design Zone we are pleased to present the first in a series of articles written by our guest contributors. In this week’s highly informative and enjoyable article ‘Return to Minya’, Judi Barrowman, Featured Artist & Adventurer, shares with us her explorations of tombs and temples in middle Egypt.

Judi writes with energy and great sense of discovery about her return visit to Egypt under armed guard and how it captured and inspired her.

Internationally acclaimed for her paintings of Egyptian Tombs and Temples, Judi Barrowman’s work is fresh and compelling. Her passion for Egypt and ancient Egyptian art knows no bounds. Based in England, Judi spends the half of her time trawling the deserts of Egypt in search of new images amongst the ancient ruins. Judi studied Fine Arts at the Reigate School of Art and at Alliance Francaise in Paris.

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Posted by The Art Ministry Team on December 6, 2006


This is the story of ten years of strenuous and continuous voluntary work, by a group of artists in order to develop a non-commercial art and cultural establishment to serve the multicultural community in the London Borough of Ealing. However it seems that the reward for this hard work and the commitment to and from our service users and the community is to evict us from our premises.

The ARK was first established in 1996, when we renovated derelict premises in South Ealing Road to create an arts community centre. We were offered a twenty-five year lease for our efforts to insure the continuation of the project. However prior to our signing the lease were informed that the premises had been sold. Our current premises at the Old Stable Block yard were offered to us as a temporary solution to accommodate our programme of events and were guaranteed assistance in finding alternative suitable premises. However we have been informed through recent communications with the council that they are unable to assist us and that we have to leave our current premises by January 2007. There seems to have been no consideration given to our programme or the users of our service in this decision.

We are writing in good faith that someone will be able to clarify our legal position in terms of the council’s responsibility to relocate the project once we are evicted from the Old Stable Block premises.

We are a non-profit making voluntary organisation and do not have funding to pay a business rent. We can demonstrate our worth to the council through the evidence of work that we provide to disadvantaged groups within the community and the high regard and support for our work expressed by users and professionals in the borough.

The ARK is an artistic cooperative run by a committee of local artists who work voluntarily to provide a space for innovative and creative issue based art forms that aim to challenge themes such as racism, displacement, and minority groups.

We provide a weekly studio space to refugee artist groups, users of the mental health system, artists in exile, filmmakers. We host events such as individual and group exhibitions, ‘conversations with artist’s evenings’. These events are open to the general public to create links between our members and the local community, supporting and understanding of the diverse cultures present in the Borough of Ealing and promoting social inclusion.

Over the years we have developed Partnership work with West London Mental Health Trust, Hounslow Social Services, local artists, Art Therapists and filmmakers etc. We have managed to create links with Arts in Health organisations and are collaborating with more traditional art institutions. There is growing interest in our work as we are meeting government agendas in terms of promoting user participation and social inclusion. We offer a distinct provision which benefits the borough and is therefore of worth to the council, particularly in the current climate of community development.

We can show that our project benefits people who experience economic hardship, black and minority ethnic groups, disabled people and their carers and supporters in the community in exploring and sharing heritage and diverse traditions and cultures.

We hope that our artistic cooperative will be seen as a valuable resource from within the refugee community to the people of Ealing.

The Ark Studios

We hope that you will support the ARK studios, a local Ealing arts group who have been given notice of eviction. Yousif Naser, one of our key Featured Artists at The Art Ministry spearheads the ARK, contributing to the creative and cultural milieu in Ealing.

The Ark has a petition to be sent to key personal in Ealing Council, MP’s and MEP’s with the hope that they will step in and assist the ARK with alternative premises. Recently a spokeswoman from Ealing council gave a statement in the Ealing Gazette stating that help would be given to find new premises, but not a time frame.

Your support will ensure that the council keeps to their word and the ARK is not cheated out of another building.

The petition can be sent via email or post, a copy of the petition can be obtained here

Thank you for your support.

Shakila Taranum Maan & Anita McKay at The Art Ministry

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Ealing Open Studios

Posted by The Art Ministry Team on November 20, 2006

Four Ealing artists open the doors of their studios for the first time to the public.

What does an artist studio look like? How is an artwork created? Wouldn’t you like to have a peek into the creative atmosphere and surroundings of an artist studio and spend time chatting with the artist?

On Sunday, 3 December, from 11am to 5pm, you can visit the studios of the following artists:

Amarjeet Kaur Nandhra, Yousif Naser, Andrea Tierney, Judith Craig and Rima Staines

For further information

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Building Creative And Financial Links Online

Posted by The Art Ministry Team on September 5, 2006

Since our launch on 23rd June 2006 we have been working steadfastly on completing our On-line Store, and we are delighted to announce that we opened on 21st August.

To read the full version of our Trade Newsletter September 2006 click here

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