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Who Collects Art – Ahmed Jamal

Posted by The Art Ministry Team on May 24, 2007

Ahmed JamalIn this week’s Art & Design Zone, we have the pleasure of bringing to you an in-depth interview with Ahmed Jamal in our “Who Collects Art” series. A celebrated film director, Ahmed talks about his private art collection and his love of visual arts and cinema.

Who Collects Art is an insight into Private Art Collections, from the bizarre to the more traditional, and their Collectors. In this series of articles, we talk to collectors from the Forbes 100 list, celebrities to everyday people, with an aim to demystify who collects art, why and how they bring it into their everyday lives.

Ahmed Jamal is an established British director with several award wining feature films and ground-breaking television documentaries. His film “The Journalist and the Jihad” has become a reference point for a Hollywood feature on the life and murder of the journalist, Daniel Pearl. Ahmed met with us at BAFTA and we spoke at length about his passion for film and his collection of paintings and contemporary art. We hope that you enjoy reading his interview as much as we enjoyed talking to him.

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