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Vanishing Points

Posted by The Art Ministry Team on January 16, 2007

This week in the Art & Design Zone we focus on Pip Culbert acclaimed Linear Artist  in our article ‘Vanishing Points’ 

Pip stands at the forefront of deconstructive art with work spanning many decades. Her work in linear art explores all aspects of fundamental constructions, deconstructions and perspectives of objects.

Over the years, Pip’s work has gained international attention, and her unique pieces have featured in many significant exhibitions and their catalogues, including ‘Software’ in France, Linen Line, at the Sofa Gallery Christchurch in New Zealand, ‘The Secret Life of Clothes, Artium Fukuoka in Japan and a commission for Allianz, in Berlin, a permanent installation of Seams, which runs the length 750 meters of a corridor.

“If we consider that inversion is the art of playing with paradoxes, the work of Pip Culbert is a perfect example of this.” Patricia Brignone (Art critic)

In the article Vanishing Points read how mass industrialisation, two world wars and the 60’s influenced the work of this profound artist.

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