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Return to Minya

Posted by The Art Ministry Team on December 17, 2006

This week in the Art & Design Zone we are pleased to present the first in a series of articles written by our guest contributors. In this week’s highly informative and enjoyable article ‘Return to Minya’, Judi Barrowman, Featured Artist & Adventurer, shares with us her explorations of tombs and temples in middle Egypt.

Judi writes with energy and great sense of discovery about her return visit to Egypt under armed guard and how it captured and inspired her.

Internationally acclaimed for her paintings of Egyptian Tombs and Temples, Judi Barrowman’s work is fresh and compelling. Her passion for Egypt and ancient Egyptian art knows no bounds. Based in England, Judi spends the half of her time trawling the deserts of Egypt in search of new images amongst the ancient ruins. Judi studied Fine Arts at the Reigate School of Art and at Alliance Francaise in Paris.

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