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We’re Open For Business – 23rd June 2006

Posted by The Art Ministry Team on June 23, 2006

We are delighted to announce the launch of The Art Ministry, our ground-breaking company that supplies creative people all the professional services they need in one place.

The first stage of our launch is underway with the introduction of this website. Easily navigated and a visually stimulating experience, this site is the hub of our activity, detailing all our services and promoting the Featured Artists.

The on-line Store, also at is now in the final stages of development and will be open to customers at the end of June, fully stocked with its first collection of over 350 products.

As a house for new emerging talent and established artists, The Art Ministry has developed a programme to support the creative businesses of artists featured on this site. The main advantages of the Featured Artist Programme include:

  • Creative Support – a professional critique of the artists work and guidance of their career aspirations or creative vision.
  • Exposure – through our marketing of The Art Ministry and by showing the artist’s work at galleries and events. This includes a profile of the artist’s background, developing their image, compiling a press kit and packaging the artwork.
  • Financial Support – assistance in raising sponsorship, business or project funds.
  • Credibility – association with The Art Ministry, and its reputation for high quality and authentic art, backed by outstanding customer service.
  • Access to Sales Networks – access to The Art Ministry’s network of retail and wholesale avenues, including publication of the collection; delivering artwork to all areas of the consumer market.
  • Own Website – artist own website which includes a Gallery and Events calendar. This is hosted by The Art Ministry, and also includes an e-mail address: Linked to their gallery is the on-line Store.
  • On-line Store – our retail shopping facility and trade showroom can feature up to 200 pieces of an artist’s work annually. This is supported by extensive customer support including framing services, specialist printing, gift wrapping and delivery services.
  • High Commissions – we have introduced a unique system of layering commission levels to ensure the artist receives higher returns.
  • Private Commissions – we encourage and accept Private Commissioned work from customers and receive project work through the other services we offer, which we then pass on to interested artists.

The Featured Artists that you can currently visit here are:

Sunil Gupta Photographer
Yousif Naser Painter
Karl Locher Photographer
Houria Niati Painter
Mark Scott Photographer
Marcia Kay Ellis Painter
Marita Banfield Potter/Ceramics
Shakila Taranum Maan Film
Odion Ogogo Potter/Ceramics
Amarjeet Kaur Nandhra Textile Artist
Tony Ogogo Potter/Ceramics
Pip Culbert Linear & Installation Art
To those artists mentioned above and everyone involved in helping us get to this point; thank you so much for your corporation and input in making our vision for The Art Ministry a reality.

Planned for the last quarter of the year, is a major long-term marketing and media campaign. In the intervening time, The Art Ministry will be very active, preparing artists and their work and building their profiles through our trade networks and on-line facilities. Plus we’ll probably have a couple of parties with lots of drinks, fine food, dancing and interesting conversation. If this is your scene then sign-up for our newsletter today.

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