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This web zone was built for The Art Ministry to communicate directly and swiftly with all our clients and trade partners anywhere in the world. Through this resource we will keep you regularly informed about new products, client services and new marketing initiatives.   We also regularly publish articles and news about market trends and current events which appeal to anyone with an interest in art and design.   

If you have something to say on the subject, or have a question you think one of our readers could help you with, we encourage you to leave your comments in our Blog.   If you have any questions about The Art Ministry and our services or products please contact us directly.

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 About The Art Ministry – Promoting Artists in a Growing Art Market

Based in London, England, The Art Ministry was launched to support and showcase the talent of established and new artists, who are supplying the growing UK Arts market, worth over £4 billion a year.

Within this context, The Art Ministry works in a unique way to serve every aspect of the industry. We combine creative support and promotion of artists with an extensive commercial supply network, selling work through our Online Shop and Trade Buyers.

Working with a broad diversity of talent, we possess a strongly held belief in freedom of expression and a love of the artistic process. Our passion leads us to not only support British based talent but also overseas artists, by importing works under the Fair Trade agreement. We are committed to a progressive and ethical vision, and our experienced team aims to create a viable and supportive environment in which artistic talent can flourish. Our goal is to reward committed artists with tangible success, both creatively and financially.